D.A.S. Innovators will make every effort to ensure that items suggested for the client’s home fit with the client’s lifestyle and space. D.A.S. Innovators takes no responsibility for any injury or mishap that may result from items that were sourced by our design service. It is the client’s responsibility to foresee problems with items fitting within the space and/or being able to move purchased items into the space (i.e. couch too large to get through front door). Remember, we are relying on YOUR measurements. Ultimately, it is the client’s responsibility to decide if an item is to be purchased for their home.

D.A.S. Innovators is not responsible for the quality or condition of products it suggests for your space. It is the client’s responsibility to make the final decision if the product meets their quality and price expectations.

Pricing information given in design package is very time specific. D.A.S. Innovators cannot guarantee that pricing on an item will not change by the time the client goes to purchase it, or that the specific item will be available. If the item you are ready to purchase is no longer available, and you have the “shopping with D.A.S. Innovators” subscription, we will help you to find an appropriate substitute.